is this appropriate

1. i reminded myself again that i will always be 2nd, regardless of circumstance. this time, i believed it. it hurt and my mind went blank.

2. you are not quite there you are drifting further away and you are coping maybe i am an anchor maybe you will come back and the thought of you disappearing gets me all watery-eyed and my head starts to throb and a lump forms in my throat with all the things i want to say stuck beneath it (i have a million burning questions you might find intrusive) but really all i mean to say is that i miss you but it’s okay because maybe things like that compel you to wander further away

3. something in me wants to throw a ragefest and go all kinds of apeshit crazy but it wouldn’t make a difference and frankly i am wrung dry

just where are you exactly

i’m sorry i keep talking about myself


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