passed and completed the diploma course

what the past 3 years have taught me:

  • sleeping is hardly an option (except during yoga for s&w)
  • where peer evaluation is concerned and when grades are at stake, people you least expect will turn their backs on you
  • it doesn’t pay to be trusting
  • gracomm has screwed me over wtf bauhaus what you want?!
  • creative writing is possibly the only module that has taught me something
  • i fall sick at the end of every semester
  • ibp was one of the best parts of poly i would love it more if i had received my dividends but i’m still waiting and my bank account is drained

regardless, thank you ngee ann for giving me a recognised diploma and a handful of good friends.

also my dividends please

this is me today

last night at play i got my tarot reading and while they weren’t all good cards they were rather accurate lol and i don’t quite know how to feel about this. nicole said i just don’t like being figured out. i don’t quite know how to feel about that either.

we did the harlem shake


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