Take it easy. Nothing you do matters as much as you think. Your greatest achievements aren’t yours at all, they’re accidents and jokes. You’re a puppet, the universe does the work, and it gets the most done when you’re moving the least. Surrender, flow, relax. Don’t be hard on yourself, don’t put pressure on yourself, life is just a chain of experiments and results, and you’ll be perfect when you’re dead.

i think at some point in time of a person’s life, the fact of life being a fragility will pronounce itself to be more apparent. today was mine. despite it being at the back of my head all this while, i finally understood how surreal a near-death experience could be. what i am still trying to wrap my head around is how it didn’t have to happen to me for me to understand its severity.

a couple of my friends are sad and i don’t know how to help them. sometimes i want to write them a nice letter, sometimes i want to sit next to them and not say anything but occasionally offer them with something to eat or drink or perhaps some tissue if they cry, sometimes i want to grab the people that make them sad by their nape and slap the living shit out of them. i can’t decide which method is most appropriate and realistically speaking it is not my place to act on any of them.


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