i wasn’t born for the rose and pearl

time has flowed at a vastly different pace for the past week. have gone on for days unaware of the time and day of week yet keeping close track of the dates at the same time.

i have decided to wear jeans tomorrow. the occasion calls for something that looks and feels practical. nothing too short because that just screams sloppy. not a dress because it is girly and girly is an excuse to camouflage in the formula of meekness and orthodox judgements. i will though, slap on heaps of cosmetic war paint because i am nothing without them. anyway jeans seem appropriate. though i have never been a fan for the fear that they make me look bigger than i already am and its irksome nature of perpetually melting me in the sick climate, some extra length appears convincing enough to make up for the lack of talent i am. or display. i don’t know.

i found line break and hyphenation errors. but i am so done.

melatonin awaits!


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