How To Stare At A Brick Wall

“I don’t know enough about science to understand how this is possible, but I don’t want to know. I am content with your beautiful mysteries.”

Thought Catalog

There are four different shades of brick that I can see from the second-story window as I sit on your bed. The first is the oldest and brightest, a vermilion terracotta exoskeleton for the neighboring 19th century tenement. The next is a dark weathered brick, cohabitating with stones in the divisional wall of the courtyard below. Furthest away is the institutional citrine brick of a nearby public housing unit. Diagonally across from that is the modern brick of a newer residence.

Did you know that the name for the most commonly used brick is “common brick”? I did. I don’t remember when I learned so much about bricks. It was probably sometime between birth and the first time I kissed you.

I never noticed any of these bricks before today, but things are so much easier to see in the daylight. It is usually dark when I come here and dark…

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