i hate talking about religion.

today i had people interrogate me, raise their voices in utmost incredulity and mock me like they were the seraphim for my beliefs. i thought i might burst into flames from all the sin they had so deftly assigned me

the bible is but another literary text, written by human beings. i’ll be the first to admit that my knowledge of the bible is positively marginal. but when people quote leviticus to prove a point it is amazing how paradoxical the whole scene quickly transforms into. because leviticus bans football (what would david beckham do), polyester (wardrobe revamp!), shellfish (oh my god), divorce (too bad if you’re getting abused or cheated on) and the list goes on

i think it is quite safe to say that if leviticus was read verbatim we might have to start making arrangements for accommodation in hell

i am no where remotely close to leading the “christian way of life” but if my religion has taught me anything, it is to “love each other, as I have loved you”. perhaps this is just how christian legalism works; picking out bits and pieces of the word to live by and ignoring the rest when it reveals their failures.

right now being labelled a christian actually makes me feel ashamed of myself. does losing faith in the believers correlate with losing faith in the religion? maybe i should just be agnostic until proven otherwise.

besides this, today has been emotionally concerted and i want to forget how to feel for a while.


just like all human pursuits
struggles sometimes begets failure
i too, am human


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