What Happens When You’re Really Into Someone


Thought Catalog

When you’re really into someone, everything will seem new. You’ll forget you’ve done it all before, forget the homogenous blandness of countless first dates rolled into one deflated feeling of wanting to go home and the getting-to-know-you script you’ve read so many times your eyes hurt; you’ll forget it and do it again because it doesn’t matter anymore; this is the first time, the first real time, and you’ll be right there.

When you’re really into someone, you’re going to breathe deeper. You’re going to feel like the air suddenly has more oxygen, I don’t know; something is going to kick your blood into coursing and you’ll feel very almost painfully awake. You’re going to start seeing things differently. You might experience synesthesia and feel a little crazy. You’ll feel like you walked right into the source of light and it’ll be amplified and surreal; you’ll feel like you can’t…

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