it is actually still may 17th

the entire day i have been thinking about asking people if they wanted to take a quick look at my intestines but i know i can’t because people don’t usually go around asking other people if they want to see their innards. i feel myself coming back but i don’t feel like coming back i just want to stop wasting everyone’s time and sit on the toilet floor alone

i just read what i typed and i don’t quite understand it and i feel like i need to go out and talk to someone but i don’t know who to call and what to talk about. they might feel that i am being really random and it might creep them out or they might ask what happened and i will have to explain myself. i don’t like explaining myself it makes me feel untrustworthy but then i put myself in the shoes of others and i probably wouldn’t trust me too.

this is absolutely amazing. can’t deal with anything right now


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