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Sadness taught me how to live comfortably being alone yet not drown in loneliness. But somehow sad has been all I’ve felt lately and oddly enough it is starting to turn my lungs into sponges.

I would like to blame my moon in pisces for this


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We all have a certain amount of venom in us. We save it up here and there like a very frugal snake, waiting to release it on the targets we deem acceptable. It accumulates throughout our days, with every slight from a rude stranger in the metro or insult from an acquaintance or stab in the back at the office. And there are plenty of people whose love for us is conditional enough that it would not withstand our venom, or it would return our cruelty tenfold in a way that they have already demonstrated they are capable of. We have friends around whom we tiptoe because they only accept a very limited range of our emotions and our needs.

And then we have friends — or family, or lovers — on whom we feel free to unleash the full force of our ugliness when they upset us just enough…

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You were an idea that I could never rationalise, that crept slowly into sight. Now that you are here I feel like the most fortunate person walking this earth and if it were ever taken away from me I would forget how to breathe.

Beyond time, beyond death, love is. Of which time and death cannot wear away.

And I hope that I am bright enough to shine in your spaces

Is this sassy enough yet


Happy fathers’ day captain
I had to hide in the toilet for a bit. I’m sorry I’m not there most of the time. But believe me when I say I’m trying. Maybe I’ll drown trying maybe I’ll sink in my sleep but I’m sorry I grew up too fast and I wish the distance wasn’t this stifling. I love you more than anyone will ever understand.

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went running today and got my hair yanked by a strange man. the shock has not fully dissipated but one thing’s for sure, i am not about this life. i’m going to have the words “please don’t touch me, not even on the shoulder i can’t believe i have to wear this to achieve that” printed on a t-shirt and go running.

ok. body aching. bye.

question of the day: where are the lashes on my right eye?