burning (out) the best of us

Photo on 2-7-13 at 9.12 PM

a shot at the possibility for some income, prawn caesar salad, homemade iced lemon tea, instagram, white house down, chicken pie, tiredness

what is it about caesar salad that makes me feel so good about myself?

learning of new gadgets is always exciting but it extinguishes almost immediately when i find myself thinking of saving money to buy one when i don’t actually need it. like i don’t really need a kindle. but they use e ink which is so much easier on the eyes and ebooks are free and 1 charge can last weeks! my life might never be the same again.

but there are priorities and right now i am of no worth to society and my lifestyle is starting to turn rancid

well i just might sleep earlier tonight. hoping i don’t dream at all. they provide no escape from life. if anything it magnifies life and its grievances while conveniently neglecting their proportions.


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