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Substitute your name on the blank sheet

school is draining me! i hate wednesdays because we’re learning photoshop all over again and going through the tedious and exorbitant process of developing photos every week for photography in addition to shuttling between both campuses. but somehow i am really learning a lot and it makes me kind of happy

it’s 10.24pm and there is no school tomorrow but i am working the pm shift which means i have to complete some work tonight. i made plans to go for a run in the morning hahaha hopefully that works out

the inability to concentrate on anything else besides preparing for submission next week is making me edgy and paranoid

and i shall attempt to remedy this by abandoning all social media platforms until whenever o m g bye



And they keep moving at a glacial pace
Turning circles in a memory maze
I made a new cast of the death mask that is gonna cover my face
I had to change the combination to the safe
Hide it all behind a wall let people wait
And never trust a heart that is so bent it can’t break

so cheesy hor

this gives me so much life

Thought Catalog

Louis C.K. is often compared to Woody Allen (whose new movie he’s even starring in), but to me, C.K. is this generation’s George Carlin, a savagely funny comedian who isn’t afraid to touch on real issues. Carlin was something of a people’s philosopher, who just happened to swear a lot, and C.K. has touched on issues ranging from politics, environmentalism, consumption, race, class, education and masturbation, one of his personal favorite subjects. He’s also just about the only male comedian I know who deals with sexual assault well. Louis C.K. just gets it.

Here’s 55 of his greatest quotes, presented in no particular order.

1. You’ll be fine. You’re 25. Feeling [unsure] and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time.
2. You’ve got…

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As humans, we waste the shit out of our words. It’s sad. We use words like “awesome” and “wonderful” like they’re candy. It was awesome? Really? It inspired awe? It was wonderful? Are you serious? It was full of wonder? You use the word “amazing” to describe a goddamn sandwich at Wendy’s. What’s going to happen on your wedding day, or when your first child is born? How will you describe it? You already wasted “amazing” on a fucking sandwich.

this is why i hate you and everything that you stand for


“I’m the girl who is lost in space, the girl who is disappearing always, forever fading away and receding farther and farther into the background. Just like the Cheshire cat, someday I will suddenly leave, but the artificial warmth of my smile, that phony, clownish curve, the kind you see on miserably sad people and villians in Disney movies, will remain behind as an ironic remnant. I am the girl you see in the photograph from some party someplace or some picnic in the park, the one who looks so very vibrant and shimmery, but who is in fact soon going to be gone. When you look at the picture again, I want to assure you, I will no longer be there. I will be erased from history, like a traitor in the Soviet Union. Because with every day that goes by, I feel myself becoming more and more invisible, getting covered over more thickly with darkness, coats and coats of darkness that are going to suffocate me in the sweltering heat of the summer sun that I can’t even see anymore, even though I can feel it burn.”

– Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation

there were too many first person references which were really annoying. but it was kind of nice especially when she didn’t sleep for because she couldn’t write and couldn’t write because she couldn’t sleep and maybe if all the bratty parts were filtered out i might have liked it more. decided not to delete it.