Big fat ouch

Revisiting feelings from things I’ve chanced upon, be it unintentionally or subconsciously having the will to prove the unpleasant and something tells me this is going to repeat itself over and over again until I decide to wrap all this up in a huge ball of feelings and freeze them. I have all these preplanned scenarios constantly replaying in my head of how I should act and feel and it is so distracting

What sustains me now I do not know. Sometimes I wish I was a sun in aries, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to wake up but we can’t always have what we want.

Also hate 1 song from the killers. And bruno mars. It bothers me so much because even if I delete them, they’re still going to be somewhere out there waiting to be discovered and fallen in love with. And they have done nothing to me except have a bad title.

Sleeping weird 😦


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